from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Volume 2

as given to
Rita Ring

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To the Hearts of Jesus and Mary
and to Father Edward Carter, S.J.


Special thanks to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and Our Lady of Clearwater.


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1. Introduction

November 24, 2000 Message

February 13, 1997 Talk by Fr. Carter

November 26, 2000 Message

2. Daily Messages

June 30, 2000

July 5, 2000

February 23, 1999

3. Rosary Chapel Windows

Window Diagram of Rosary Chapel

Rosary Mysteries in Windows

Pictorial Seven Sorrows

Rosary Song

4. Rosary Meditations

April 25, 1994 Sorrowful Mysteries

August 17, 1994 Sorrowful Mysteries

December 12, 1994 Joyful Mysteries

December 17, 1994 Joyful Mysteries

December 23, 1994 Sorrowful Mysteries

July 15, 1995 Glorious Mysteries

August 24, 1995 Sorrowful Mysteries

July 9, 1996 Sorrowful Mysteries

August 20, 1996 Sorrowful Mysteries

Special Rosaries to Help Bring About The Completion of the Fatima Mission

May 11, 1996 Glorious Mysteries

September 10, 1996 Sorrowful Mysteries

October 13, 1996 Glorious Mysteries

November 13, 1996 Sorrowful Mysteries

December 13, 1996 Joyful Mysteries

Pictures of the Mary Image Building

January 13, 1997 Joyful Mysteries

February 13, 1997 Sorrowful Mysteries

1997 Vision from the Apostles' Manual

March 20, 1997 Joyful Mysteries

5. More Rosary Meditations

May 21, 1998 Glorious Mysteries

November 21, 1998 Sorrowful Mysteries

November 26, 1998 Glorious Mysteries

December 19, 1998 Sorrowful Mysteries

February 7, 1999 Sorrowful Mysteries

April 17, 1999 Glorious Mysteries

May 18, 1999 Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious

June 4, 1999 Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious

July 11, 1999 Sorrowful, Glorious Mysteries

July 17, 1999 Sorrowful - Walk the Passion

July 23, 1999 Glorious for Apostles

July 24, 1999 Joyful for Apostles

July 26, 1999 Sorrowful for Apostles

April 29, 2000 Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious

May 15, 2000 Sorrowful (Purity rosary)

May 17, 2000 Glorious (Purity rosary)

June 1, 2000 Sorrowful Mysteries

June 2, 2000 Glorious Mysteries

June 3, 2000 Joyful (Sacred Heart rosary)

6. About the Rosary

7. How to Pray the Rosary

8. Songs

The Rosary Song

A Song from Jesus

I Love You Jesus

Little Child

Teach Me to Love with Your Heart

God’s Love

I Am Your Sacred Heart

See the Eyes That Look at Mary

Little Baby Hands and Feet

Come to My Heart

Your Presence Pervades My Soul

Glory, Glory, Glory Lord

My Open Heart

I Am a Child of God

Why Do We Hurt the Ones We Love?

A Priest Is a Gift from God

Live This Day

Our Lady of Clearwater

Bring Me Souls

Jesus, I Want to Be With You

9. Prayers

Jiffy Sheet

Holy Spirit Novena

Associates Prayer Manual

Prayer of Thanksgiving

10. Stations of the Cross

11. The Seven Sorrows

12. Directions to Shepherds of Christ Centers

13. Other Materials Available From Shepherds of Christ Publications

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