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JUNE 3, 2000

The Joyful Mysteries to be used on June 4, 2000.


  1. Jesus: My Heart is an endless furnace of love.
  2. My Heart is that of the Divine God.
  3. The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary.
  4. I am the Son of God.
  5. I am He Who comes to fill you with My life.
  6. My staff I hold in My hand.
  7. I come announced by the messenger (the angel).
  8. Mary accepted.
  9. Let My life transform you.
  10. The Incarnation goes on in you.


  1. Jesus: I come a Babe in the arms of Mary.
  2. I am the Savior of the World.
  3. My love is eternal.
  4. My Heart is on fire for you.
  5. A Child carried in the womb of the Virgin Mary.
  6. A Heart filled with love.
  7. My endless love I pour out to you now.
  8. Come and be with Me.
  9. On the long hot days of summer, feel the love I give to you.
  10. Sufferings are gifts I give you. The sufferings are given to draw you closer to Me.

Birth of Jesus

  1. Jesus: A little Baby carried in the womb of the Mother.
  2. Mary takes you as a little baby into her Immaculate Heart.
  3. In her Heart, the Holy Spirit transforms you more and more into My image, if you cooperate with the grace I give you.
  4. Messenger: O Holy Spirit, come and fill the hearts that are weary.
  5. O Holy Spirit, fill them with fire.
  6. O Holy Spirit, enlighten the blinded minds.
  7. O Holy Spirit, spark a fire burning in the children of Mary.
  8. O Holy Spirit, it is a light and love the children of Mary seek in their hearts.
  9. O Holy Spirit, enlighten the little babies’ eyes.
  10. O Holy Spirit, let them see God and hear the voice of the Good Shepherd.


  1. Messenger: Oh a little Child, God-made-Man.
  2. Taken to the temple.
  3. Simeon foretold, ... ‘Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel...’ (Lk 2:34).
  4. Oh Heart of Mary pierced by a sword, oh Mary help us endure the sufferings of life.
  5. Oh Heart of Mary, help us to spread the rosary.
  6. Oh Heart of Mary, help us to teach the world how to pray the rosary.
  7. Oh Mary so fair, protect us from the devil and all that could come against us as we spread the rosary.
  8. Oh Mary most pure, we humbly pray for this grace.
  9. On this first Saturday of June, 2000, Mary help us, Jesus help us. Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit help us. Amen.
  10. Into the arms of our Mother we give ourselves as little dependent children of our God.

Finding in the Temple

  1. Jesus: You must obey your God.
  2. I am a just God. All your deeds will be judged.
  3. I am just!!
  4. So many are lost, today.
  5. At the end of this rosary, I ask you to see Me, My hands on either side of My Heart. I want you to see the fire, I want you to see My eyes, I want you to see Me, a Child in the temple, 12 years old. I want you to know I gave My life for you.
  6. My life is given for you. My love is an endless furnace of love that does not flicker.
  7. I am the Son of God.
  8. Pray for the children of Mary to find their way home to My Heart.
  9. Oh children, be humble.
  10. Oh children pray for enlightenment, go to the spiritual womb of your Mother, she is your spiritual Mother. Oh My children go to her now.

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