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DECEMBER 23, 1994

Agony in the Garden

  1. Messenger: Be there with our beloved Jesus in the garden. Hear the sounds of the night. See Him as He kneels in such anguish, seeing all the things that are about to happen with His coming Passion.
  2. And He cries out to His Father. (Luke 22:42) " ‘Father,’ he said, ‘if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine.’ "
  3. Agonies of the heart...the greatest of all agonies. Jesus saw before Him the souls that He loved so dearly. Many souls would neglect Him and treat Him with such indifference.
  4. The agonies He suffered to His Heart were so immense. The wounds in His Heart so deep.
  5. He saw before Him all of His most beloved souls that would be condemned to eternal damnation despite all the sufferings that He was about to undergo.
  6. His agony was so great that His sweat became as great drops of Blood upon the ground.
  7. This is the reality: God runs the world. Jesus truly suffered for love of us. He gave His life and He suffered in the garden for all the sins that we are committing this day.
  8. He saw before Him His entire Passion: the blows, the spitting, His death on the cross. He saw this. With greatest love of us, He endured the Passion to the end.
  9. He was filled with such anguish and suffering that an angel of the Lord appeared to Him to comfort Him.
  10. He waits endless hours in the tabernacle today. Jesus Christ, the Son of God in His Divinity and His humanity, waits for us to come and to be with Him. He said in the garden: (Matthew 26:40-41) "He came back to the disciples and found them sleeping, and he said to Peter, ‘So you had not the strength to stay awake with me for one hour? Stay awake, and pray not to be put to the test. The spirit is willing enough, but human nature is weak.’ " Can we visit Him today in the tabernacle?

Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Messenger: See Jesus as they tie Him to the pillar. He is God-made-Man.
  2. With anger in their hearts, they beat Jesus to the point of their own exhaustion.
  3. Hear the sounds as they beat Jesus. They hit His precious back. Hear the blows over and over again as it tears at His flesh. Do you hear Jesus as He makes whimpering sounds? The men are filled with anger and hatred, and they beat Jesus with great force.
  4. Do we have any idea what it is like to suffer as Jesus suffered for love of us?
  5. How deep are the wounds that covered His entire Body as they stood by mercilessly and they beat Him?
  6. Think of how Jesus suffered. Be there at the pillar and hear the sounds. See what He went through: their anger and their voices hollering at Jesus. He was mercilessly tied to the pillar while they struck Him, God Who is all love.
  7. Song: A Song from Jesus
  8. Song: Teach Me to Love With Your Heart (verse 1)
  9. Song: Teach Me to Love With Your Heart (verse 2)
  10. Song: Teach Me to Love With Your Heart (verse 3)

The Crowning of Thorns

  1. Messenger: They pounded a piercing crown of thorns into Jesus’ most precious head.
  2. They put a dirty purple robe on Jesus and they sat Him on a throne. They mocked Him and they spit on Him, and they hollered ugly slanders against Him.
  3. Song: God’s Love (verse 1)
  4. Song: God’s Love (verse 4)
  5. He is truly here with us, and His Heart is ablaze with love that radiates for us. We are His beloved ones. He withstood all this torture so that we might have eternal life, so that He might have the deepest union with us. And some day, if we go to heaven, we will be forever united to Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit in such close union that will last forever and ever and ever. He shed and gave His last drop of Blood for love of each one of us.
  6. Song: A Song from Jesus
  7. He is present in the tabernacle with such love for each one of us as He had the day they crowned Him with thorns and poked Him and spat on Him. He is with us this day, no less present than the day He was scourged and crowned with thorns. He loves us so much. He shed His Blood and gave the last beat of His Heart.
  8. Hail Mary.....
  9. Hail Mary.....
  10. Hail Mary.....

Jesus Carries His Cross

  1. Messenger: He carried His cross on His most precious shoulder. The weight was so heavy that it felt as if His shoulder would break. He did not give up His cross. When the weight was too heavy for Him to bear, He collapsed under the weight of it.
  2. Song: Under the Weight of the Wood
  3. Jesus traveled with His cross on His back. His Heart was in such anguish for all the souls that would reject the grace for eternal salvation that He would merit for them.
  4. Jesus is our focus. The more we are drawn to the immense love of this most Sacred Heart, the more we realize how He is truly alive this day. He loves each one of us. We will experience the peace, the joy, and the love that He wants us to have. We will be His lights shining in this world.
  5. He has DIVINE LIFE and DIVINE LOVE in His most Sacred Heart. He outpours HIS LIFE TO US. He merited this grace for us by His death on the cross.
  6. As His Mother walked along side of Him on Calvary, she walks along side of each of us. She never leaves our side. She withstood all this suffering. She knew what it was like to suffer. She did not take anything to relieve the suffering and she did not leave His side. She withstood such suffering, standing by His side. She stands by our side as we walk our path, which sometimes seems like a slow Calvary. But Mary is by our side with such love. She gives us her maternal love. She mothers us as the most perfect Mother. God the Father chose Mary as Mother of Jesus and us.
  7. When our path is so hard we must realize Mary is always with us. It is God’s grace that will get us through.
  8. Jesus’ grace is sufficient for every trial that you are experiencing this day. We must go to Him, go to His most Sacred Heart through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Mary leads us to Him. He is Love.
  9. Song: Little Baby Hands and Feet (verse 1)
  10. Song: Little Baby Hands and Feet (verse 2)

Jesus is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

  1. Messenger: See Mary as she holds the tender feet and the tender hands of the Child Jesus. And see her as she sees them nail His precious hands and feet with big nails into the cross.
  2. How deep are the wounds in Thy precious hands and Thy feet, oh Jesus? How deep, oh Jesus, are the wounds to Your Heart? You suffered so for souls. Oh precious Jesus, fill our hearts with Your divine love and Your divine grace so that we may never wound Thy Sacred Heart with indifference, with neglect. Fill us with Your divine life so that we will always be drawn to the source of real life which is only found in You. I am sorry for all who neglect You in the Holy Eucharist.
  3. You gave Your very flesh, You gave all the Blood in Your veins. You spread Your arms and You gave Your all for love of us, dear Jesus. And this day, You give Yourself in Your Divinity and Your humanity, with greatest love, in the Holy Eucharist. Help us, dear Jesus, to be deeply aware that You are truly the Son of God and that when we receive You, we receive God in our hearts.
  4. Song: A Song From Jesus
  5. You ask us to love God and love one another. You were beaten for love of our brothers. Why can’t we love our brothers? You call us to love as You loved us. You call us to give our lives for our brothers.
  6. Oh Mary, as you stand under the cross, how deep is the anguish to your Heart? You have no wounds, you have no scars. You’re supported by your beloved John. And this day you walk by our side and you support us as we walk what seems to be a Calvary sometimes. You forever walk by our side and hold us up with such motherly love. You gave Jesus such love as you stood under His cross. Thank you, Mary, for the love that you outpour to us.
  7. Song: I Love You Jesus (verse 1)
  8. Let us see, Oh Mary, through your eyes, the love that your precious Son has for us. Let us be joined ever closer to the tender Heart of Jesus through your most Immaculate Heart. Jesus gave the last drop of His Blood and the last beat of His Heart for love of us.
  9. Song: I Love You, Jesus (verse 2)
  10. Song: I Love You, Jesus (verse 3)

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