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FEBRUARY 7, 1999

Agony in the Garden

  1. Jesus: I have revealed to you insights into My Heart, the sufferings I experienced for souls that just do not comprehend. They walk in a dimmed light.
  2. Purity is found in Our Hearts.
  3. Men that hide their own displeasure and inflict it on others wound My Heart.
  4. Authority is misused. People in authority are to be loving. Their having authority does not mean they can be rude and prideful, demanding their way. I am Jesus Christ, humble of Heart.
  5. All problems can be taken to Me. I will help you.
  6. I sweat Blood for the arrogance of men.
  7. Many men seek power, position, and money.
  8. I am humble and lowly in Heart, I am kind.
  9. You complicate things with your brazen ways.
  10. The Apostles slept, My beloved friends did not comfort Me.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Jesus: Whip Me and feel good.
  2. No man with a pure heart feels good when he intentionally hurts another person.
  3. They tore My flesh, they made Me bleed.
  4. They spit on Me, they abused My Body.
  5. I cried out to them, but they did not hear the words I spoke.
  6. Like a little lamb, I was led to the slaughter.
  7. Can you begin a prayer chapter praying for priests?
  8. Pray for those having authority.
  9. Is it power, position? Is it God you serve or do you serve another master, one that really makes you a slave to it?
  10. Freedom is found in the Hearts. I was tied to the pillar, but I was free in My Heart.

The Crowning of Thorns

  1. Jesus: I am King. I expect to be honored, loved, worshipped and served.
  2. I am the King of heaven and earth. I was handled by those men who abused Me and laughed at Me.
  3. Do you laugh and ridicule others? Do you look at them and tell yourselves you are better than they?
  4. I loved those who persecuted Me.
  5. They put Me to death and I loved them, always wishing their good.
  6. What is a mother and father to do in this evil age? You wish a sign. When people are given great lights and gifts, they question.
  7. Do you listen and become wise? Do you plug your ears and not listen?
  8. What will become of Maryís children, the ones who do not change in their ways?
  9. Mary appears in Florida to lead her children into this age of the two Hearts.
  10. My children, no matter what befalls you, know I will never abandon you. I am your Protector. I watch you day and night. You must surrender yourself totally into My hands.

Carrying of the Cross

  1. Messenger: Jesus showed us how He carried His cross. He took all the harsh treatment. He did not give in.
  2. Jesus was beaten at the pillar. He was bound, but He, being God, could have released these bonds. But He willingly suffered. He always complied to the Fatherís will.
  3. Mary: Look into the eyes of my Son, Jesus, and see the love. He will never abandon you.
  4. Messenger: We are like little children. We feel we are not getting our needs met and we selfishly cry out many times in great pain.
  5. We must cherish the gifts we have and realize that many graces are released when we suffer as God wishes.
  6. Many times it is the will of the Father that we endure suffering.
  7. When it is the Fatherís will that we suffer, enduring it leads to greater life in Him.
  8. The devil tries to tempt us to sin. Many times we must endure great trials to remain holy.
  9. Satan is real. God is real, we must give our hearts to Jesus and Mary and pray to live in the Fatherís will.
  10. In dwelling in Their Hearts, we will know more and more what the Fatherís will is for us.
    The Holy Spirit works especially in the Heart of Mary to give us great insights into Godís will for us.


  1. Messenger: Jesus hung for three agonizing hours on the cross.
  2. We are very impatient many times, wanting our way. If we identify with Him on the cross, we will learn more about the gift of patience.
  3. Bloody, beaten, wounded all over His precious Body, Jesus, the all-powerful and Almighty God, mounted the cross willingly and gave Himself as a Sacrifice.
  4. We become very selfish and we do not treasure all the gifts we have. Many times we take our water and food and cars and houses for granted.
  5. Do we take the great gifts God gives to us for granted?
  6. Mary: My children, see your beloved Jesus before your eyes, hanging on the cross. Stand beneath a crucifix for three hours and let your arms be extended. You will know a small amount of His suffering.
  7. Messenger: To His bitter death, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, hung for three agonizing hours. It was the Fatherís will.
  8. Today we suffer in our lives in a great battle against the evil one who wants souls for hell.
  9. Our pillar of light is Jesus on a cross against a darkened sky.
  10. The glory of the Easter morning shows the victory of One Who was slain.
    Jesus: Accept the crosses you are asked to endure. The victory is won in endurance, living according to the Fatherís will. I give you Myself, the Resurrected Jesus, in the Eucharist. I am the Bread of Life. Feed the hungry, tell them of Me, truly present in the Eucharist. You are My apostles of the Sacred Heart.

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