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MAY 18, 1999

The Annunciation

  1. Mary: Joy my children, a Savior is born.
  2. Your Redeemer has come to the world.
  3. The Light of the World comes.
  4. The Light shines in the darkness.
  5. The message of an angel brings the joy that all have waited for.
  6. Hail Mary ...
  7. You have false joy in your world.
  8. Joy is in Him.
  9. The message of an angel tells men of the true joy.
  10. Man can live in Him and He will live in them. They must give their hearts to Him.

The Visitation

  1. Mary: I have visited my children.
  2. A century of visits from Fatima to Clearwater, Florida.
  3. I appear on the building in Florida.
  4. I am the Lady Clothed with the Sun.
  5. I bring you joy, that you can come to my spiritual womb and the Holy Spirit will bring you forth in a greater likeness to God.
  6. My Son brings with Him the gift of Baptism.
  7. In Him you are restored to new life.
  8. My mission is one of making you aware of the REAL JOY, and the REAL SORROW and what real glory is. Glory is in Him, in man coming forth from the tomb of captivity. You are allowing yourselves to be held captive by the snare of the devil. You are the children of Eve.
  9. I am Mary Immaculate, conceived without sin. I lead you to the fiery furnace of His Heart and love in Him.
  10. I am Mary your Mother.

The Birth of Our Lord

  1. Mary: Your Redeemer lives.
  2. Jesus is your Savior.
  3. Sing shouts of joy, let your hearts burst with joy at the great gift God has given to men.
  4. Joy is NOT FOUND in the ugly things men have formed on this earth to eat my children’s hearts.
  5. Joy is not found in sin.
  6. Oh, people of the earth, He is the King. Jesus is the King of the Earth.
  7. Oh, my children, in praying the rosary and using my meditations, Our meditations from Our Hearts, your hearts will burn with love of God.
  8. Oh, my children, THIS IS JOY.
  9. Oh, my children, let your hearts sing of the glory of God.
  10. Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and was laid in the manger.
    Mary: My children, there was not room for my Son in the inn and there is not room for my Son in your hearts. My children, open your hearts to Jesus.

The Presentation

  1. Messenger: Quote from Luke 2:33-35:
    Luke 2:33-35 - The prophesy of Simeon
    As the child’s father and mother were wondering at the things that were being said about him, Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, ‘Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed--and a sword will pierce your soul too--so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.’
  2. Mary: You are waiting, you are searching, you are barren, my earth, for you have put your hope in that which will not bring you joy.
  3. Many have banked on a sinking ship.
  4. Sin has run rampant.
  5. I cry out to my children. You do not hear me.
  6. Joy is in Him.
  7. You have missed the boat.
  8. The King of Glory waits for you, oh senseless men.
  9. Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.
  10. Jesus is the BREAD of LIFE.

The Finding in the Temple

  1. Mary: God has visited His people.
  2. When will you find what you are looking for?
  3. God is with you.
  4. 2,000 years later, how is the real joy in your hearts?
  5. My Son loved you to His death on the cross.
  6. You smite Him, you ignore Him.
  7.  When will you find Him?
  8. Your journey must be rooted in God’s will.
  9. A plan, that of the Father.
  10. A fallen race.
    Mary: The joy: God the Father sends a Redeemer. 2,000 years later, you are so lacking in spiritual vision, my children.

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Mary: Jesus sweat Blood. You do not understand as God wishes. You are so blind.
  2. You worship a molten calf. See Jesus' Blood fall to the ground.
  3. Joy is in Him.
  4. Pain and suffering for my Son, Jesus, at seeing your vile sins.
  5. Even after His Resurrection, you do not comprehend as the Father wishes.
  6. Pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit.
  7. Pray the novena.
  8. Look at my Son in anguishing pain in the garden.
  9. His Heart is ripped with suffering.
  10. Jesus suffered for the vilest sins for you.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Mary: Jesus paid the price for your sins.
  2. Jesus was whipped and He loved.
  3. Jesus did the will of the Father in love.
  4. You are suffering tremendous pain for the sins of the world.
  5. Please, my children, suffer joyfully.
  6. Jesus is King.
  7. Jesus is God.
  8. Jesus is Redeemer.
  9. Jesus is bound to a pillar and beaten.
  10. Jesus is victorious.

The Crowning with Thorns

  1. Mary: Your Redeemer lives.
  2. Shout it from the highest heavens.
  3. Shout it from the bowels of the earth.
  4. Shout it, your Redeemer lives.
  5. Maybe some will hear you, they have plugged their ears.
  6. Oh, children walking in darkness, Jesus loves you so.
  7. My children, embrace your King.
  8. My children, see Him whipped and sitting on a throne with the crown of thorns.
  9. My children, Jesus holds a reed in His hand.
  10. My children, awaken, joy is in Him.

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. Mary: Heavy, heavy was Jesus' cross. All that rejection, all the utter despicable deeds of hatred.
  2. Oh children, my Son did it for love of you.
  3. Oh my children of Zion, hail your King.
  4. Embrace Jesus.
  5. Follow Jesus' way.
  6. My children, I love you so.
  7. My children, look into His bloody eyes with me.
  8. My children, wake up.
  9. My children, pray the rosary.
  10. My children, meditate on Him, my Son Jesus.

The Crucifixion

  1. Mary: The suffering will become so intense that you will be able to endure it only with great difficulty.
  2. You must pray the rosary and know God.
  3. You must listen to me.
  4. When you are suffering do you "pop" a pill?
  5. Jesus will strip you bare of all your props and you will have to endure the suffering.
  6. He endured it to the bitter end.
  7. The rosary will help you endure it.
  8. In the rosary you meditate on His life.
  9. In the rosary you can find comfort and peace.
  10. You must discipline yourselves and do as my Son Jesus and I have told you.
    Mary: See Jesus hanging on the cross, see Jesus carrying His cross. You are going to pay for your sins and for ignoring us. What will you do to endure it?
    You will cry to the mountains to fall on you.
    There is no way out.
    It is God's plan. Heaven and hell are realities. You have no where to escape. Listen to me.
    Study His word and obey the Commandments.

The Resurrection

  1. Mary: Christ is Victor.
  2. Christ is King.
  3. Glory, Glory, Glory Lord.
  4. My children, Your Redeemer lives.
  5. Life is in Him.
  6. The victory has been won.
  7. Please, my children, you must open your eyes.
  8. We give you Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary that you will know more about life in Him.
  9. He is the King.
  10. You are the children of the Father.
    Jesus: Come out of your tombs.
    If you knew My life alive in you, you would sing, sing and shout in joy and do all you could to spread the message.

The Ascension

  1. Jesus: Pray that you will be open. You are closed to the gifts I give you.
  2. They hung Me on a cross when I came to the earth.
  3. I am the Savior, I am your Redeemer.
  4. I give you Myself in the Eucharist.
  5. The greatest act of love is Myself given to you.
  6. Please, My children, unite in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  7. My children, I cry to you to listen.
  8. You must endure, know My holy ones you are suffering, endure it. Great grace is being released.
  9. You complain and scoff and want everything nice. Just accept your crosses in holy love in obedience to your Father.
  10. My children, I ascended into heaven. I left you below. I remain with you in the Eucharist. You must be one in Me, pleading for the earth, united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at every moment.
    Jesus: Oh, My children, pray as never before and endure the suffering I send you in holy love. My children, I love you.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit

  1. Jesus: Take this novena with great seriousness.
  2. I give you My Holy Spirit Novena.
  3. Pray it every day.
  4. Please My children, I beg you.
  5. The Father will hear your prayers.
  6. The Father loves you so.
  7. This is real. I am your God. You are God's creatures.
  8. Song: Come Holy Ghost.
  9. Jesus: Mary Immaculate wants to help you.
  10. Sing, My shepherds, sing. Singing brings you joy and keeps you in your heart.

The Assumption

  1. Jesus speaks: I am your Spouse.
  2. Mary is the perfect spouse of the Lamb.
  3. You must be one in Me.
  4. You are united to Me in the Mystical Body.
  5. Pray with one another at every second, united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
  6. You prayers united to Our two Hearts are most pure.
  7. My Heart will reign.
  8. My Mother's Heart will triumph.
  9. Sing, sing, sing, honor your Mother, obey and love her.
  10. Mary walks by your side.

The Coronation

  1. Jesus: I am King.
  2. Mary is Queen.
  3. You have meditated on the mysteries of the rosary.
  4. You must obey the Lady of Fatima.
  5. Mary is the Queen of Peace.
  6. I am in the Eucharist, truly present and with you.
  7. I am the King of Glory. Sing this song.
  8. Hail Mary as your Queen. Sing Hail Holy Queen...
  9. Joy is found in Me, living and dwelling in My Heart.
  10. This is the age of the two Hearts. Consecrate your hearts to us. I AM Redeemer. Many are held in captivity by Satan's snare.
    Messenger: Song: The King of Glory. (sing), Song: A Song from Jesus (sing), Song: Glory, Glory, Glory Lord (sing), Amen.

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