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JULY 9, 1996

This rosary was led by Fr. Carter on Tuesday, July the 9th, 1996, during the Shepherds of Christ Associates Meeting at Tom Arlinghausí farm. The meditations and messages were given to Rita Ring during the rosary. All meditations have been discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Jesus: Put aside all of the thoughts in your heart that do not pertain to Me. You are distracted by many things in your hearts. It is in this rosary that I will give you abundant grace, and you will grow more and more in My love.
  2. Messenger: We see Jesus as He kneels in the garden. 
    Jesus: You will be tested and tried, My beloved one. You will grow from these trials for I am giving to you great grace. You do not know of the sufferings that you will experience, but I am with you at every moment. You must surrender and come to My Heart for it is there that you will find refuge from the darkest night. I will never leave you. I am Jesus. I am with you at every moment. Do you feel My presence within your heart? Come to Me and know My precious love for you.
  3. Messenger: I see Jesus in the garden. How many times we have suffered in our lives, felt the suffering so deep within our hearts? Do we know from this suffering a little of the immense pain that Jesus suffered in the garden? Think of Jesus in the garden. He was in such anguish that He sweat Blood. How little are these trials that He gives to us! We carry our cross on our backs with glum faces and feel upset in our hearts. Jesus showed us the way. He showed us His suffering. He asked us to meditate on His suffering that we will know more His great love for us.
  4. I look back, Jesus, to the messages in the Second Blue Book - so many messages on surrender and letting go. So long ago, two and a half years ago, but today I am learning to surrender, surrender, surrender. I thought, then, that I knew the meaning of the word "surrender", but I see today I know so little of the meaning of this word. I know only by Your grace that I will surrender and give myself to You.
  5. We see Jesus as He kneels in the garden of Gethsemane, and we know how He surrendered to the will of the Father. It is in living according to the will of the Father that we will have peace and joy in our lives. Jesus shows us the way. If we meditate on the mysteries of this rosary, His life will live in our lives.
  6. I opened the Second Blue Book, today, to the message that says, "Jesus wants both feet off the ground." At the time I received this message, January 18th 1994, I thought I knew what it was to surrender for I had surrendered so many things already. But I learn more and more each day how I need to surrender, and it is only through Him that I will surrender. I see Jesus in the garden, His face covered with a bloody sweat, and I know that He surrendered to the will of the Father.
  7. Why are we here? Why are we gathered here to pray this rosary? What is God asking of each of us? God is asking us to give ourselves to help in the salvation of souls. For nine months our Blessed Lady called out to me, and told me of her children that were going to hell. I know, as if deeply engraved in my heart, the reality of souls going to hell this day. It is this pain that I feel in my heart that helps me to go on and to help, as much as I can, with the work of saving souls.
  8. I see Jesus in the garden, and He looks all alone. The Apostles are asleep, and His face is covered with Blood. I see Him there with agony in His face and tension in His Body, and within His Heart He knows all of His precious souls that will neglect Him and forget Him despite His suffering. 
    Jesus: Do you know what it is, My beloved ones, to love, to love, and to be ignored?
  9. Messenger: Over and over again, I experienced the suffering of Jesus, before the tabernacle, for the souls that neglect Him and treat Him with such indifference. He called out, "Tell them! Tell them how I am longing and waiting for them to come to Me!" It is such agony to know that Jesus loves His precious souls so much, and He is ignored - Jesus, the Heart of burning love.
  10. This is the message that He has delivered over and over again - "I am alive! I am alive! I am alive, and I am longing and thirsting for My precious souls to come and to tell Me of their love." He calls out, "Bring Me souls! Bring Me souls!" It is in our prayers and sacrifices, it is in proceeding steadfastly ahead in the struggles and all the trials, that we help in the work of redemption. It is so important that we identify, in our lives, with Him, that we give our hearts to Jesus and Mary and that our every act be united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, that grace might be poured out on this darkened world for the salvation of souls. This is why He has called us here. This is why our heavenly Mother appeared over and over again. This is why He sweat blood in the garden of Gethsemane. He would have suffered more because He loves so much. His greatest agony was the agony that He suffered for the souls that would neglect Him and treat Him with indifference and then would be lost forever to the fires of hell.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Messenger: And so we wake and we go through the day, and we go to bed each night, and we go through many trials and sufferings, and it seems, many times, that we would like to quit. Look at Jesus. See Him, His hands tied to the pillar. See Him as He stands there, and the men come with their sharp instruments to beat Him.
  2. Song: I have called you by name....
  3. Why would God come and talk to us? This situation is so urgent. This world has turned to such sin. Mary appeared at Fatima, and she told men that they must stop offending God. She gave them a peace plan. They ignored our heavenly Mother, and there was World War II. See Jesus at the pillar. Mary wants us to meditate on the mysteries of the rosary so that His life will live in our lives. Today the world is in such a sorry state. He has called us as His apostles to go into the world so that He will live in us and minister to His beloved souls through us. Who are we that God loves us so much that He lives in us and that His life flows through us?
  4. Within our soul is the craving for Godís love - the craving to love and to be loved, yet we feel empty many times. We are wanting for love. If we meditate on the mysteries of the rosary, if we see the Blood-covered face of Jesus and the torn flesh of His Body, how can we not realize how much He loves us?
  5. The world is very sick. The Church and the world are in need of renewal.
  6. Jesus has called us in the Shepherds of Christ Movement to go into the world and to carry the messages of His love.
  7. The trial that you are suffering today may be very difficult, but if we look at the torn Body of Jesus, it will seem so small.
  8. How Jesus loves each one of us, that He came into this world a helpless Baby, that He gave Himself as a Sacrifice for our sins!
  9. Look at the world today and the sins of the flesh. Look at the world in all of its vileness. How brazen are all those who parade such filth on the screen for children to learn at such an early age. Look at what we see on our TV screens and at the movie theaters, and then look at the Body of Jesus covered with wounds.
  10. Mary said at Fatima that we must stop offending God. This is why Jesus and Mary are giving us these messages this day. This situation is very urgent. There are many souls that are going into hell. It may be very hard, but as we press forward millions and millions of souls will be saved through this movement. There are many devils that are battling us as we proceed, but how can we say "no" to Jesus and Mary?

The Crowning with Thorns

  1. Messenger: Look at the haughty hearts of so many today. Our own hearts, our hearts that are so fixed in getting ahead and being first. Look at the pride and the control in the minds of men, and then look at the head of Jesus as they pound into His head the sharp thorns that pierced His head and made Him bleed.
  2. How we whine and we complain about so many little trials that we must suffer. Did Jesus ever have a headache? Look at the wounded head of our Savior.
  3. Mary is calling us to prayer and sacrifice.
  4. The bell tolls and at every second, every act that we perform, when offered as a sacrifice to the Father, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, becomes a heroic deed in helping in the work of redemption.
  5. God came and gave Himself. He was spit on. He was crowned with thorns. He was mocked. He was kicked. He was whipped, and they tore His flesh. This is the love that He has for us. He wants each and every soul in heaven with Him. He is calling us to give of ourselves to help in the work of redemption.
  6. Jesus appears with a crown of thorns around His Heart - His precious Heart, pierced by the indifference and the hatred of the souls that He loves. Let us comfort His Heart with our acts of love, and let us vow to go into this world and to fight, despite all the struggle and all the obstacles that Satan has created, to go into this world and to carry the greatest news that there is to the souls that are starving, that are hungry, and that are in pain - the news that our beloved Savior loves us.
  7. Song: Only this I want, but to know the Lord...
  8. The more we are united to Jesus, the more we help souls get to heaven, and someday we will receive a crown of glory and be with Him in such celestial bliss for all eternity.
  9. Jesus: My beloved ones, I have called you to this farm to hear this message. I long for My precious souls to come to Me. Will you bring these souls to Me? Will you help through your trials and your sufferings to continue to bring souls to Me? I am so thirsty for souls, My precious souls that I love so much.
  10. Messenger: And they spit on Jesus, and they mocked Him. They hurled hateful remarks at the Almighty God, and He was silent. He withstood all of this treatment for within His Heart was divine love, His Heart on fire for His precious souls.

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. Messenger: He walked with a heavy cross on His back, and within His Heart was burning love for His precious souls.
  2. If Jesus was here at this moment, if we saw Him humped over with the cross on His back, if we saw the Blood as it poured down from His crowned head, if we saw His Blood-covered face and the suffering in His face, would we believe then that He loves us?
  3. It is in realizing His immense love for us that we will carry this love to others. You must read all the messages that He has given to us. With our hearts on fire, receiving the love letters from our beloved One to us, do we hear Jesus say over and over again, "I love you. I love you. I love you."? Jesus will fill us with His love, and when we are filled with this love we will carry this love to others.
  4. The souls, today, are hungry. They need to be fed with the love of God. They are starving. Where do the children go that have not even been told about the love of God? Look at Jesus with His cross on His back. This is the love that He has for each soul. It is up to us to carry this message to the world, for the world is suffering and in need of this message. Vile deeds will continue until the message of His love is carried out to the hurting souls.
  5. Mary walked by her beloved Son knowing in her Heart that He was the Almighty God. Think of the Heart of Mary and how she suffered such anguish to watch her beloved Jesus.
  6. Day after day after day, Mary appeared for 14 months and cried out that we must change our ways, that we must help the children, that we must spread the rosary and the consecration to the children. The message was the same - you are offending God, and souls are going into hell.
  7. Mary looked into the face of her beloved Son. Can you imagine what she saw when she looked into His eyes, His beautiful eyes surrounded by Blood and wounds? Can you imagine the Heart of Mary as she looks into the face of her Son, knowing of all of the souls that would be lost despite His suffering?
  8. Jesus looked into the face of Mary, and He was comforted by the sight of His Mother, His Mother that He loved so much. But He saw her suffering, and His Heart was in such pain and sorrow to see His Mother suffer.
  9. Mary calls out today for the little lost children, the children that she loves so much, her children, and she asks us to be a mother to these children. She asks us to pray and to sacrifice. She asks us to teach the children about the rosary and to teach the children about the love of Jesus and the love of their Mother.
  10. Can we share the cross of Christ with Jesus? Can we comfort His aching Heart by bringing to Him His precious souls? Many souls will be lost if we give into the temptation to give up. It will become difficult and hard. Can we look into the eyes of Jesus as Mary looked into the eyes of Jesus, and say to Jesus covered with Blood, crowned with thorns, cross on His back, "Jesus this is too hard."?

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus

  1. Messenger: To His death on the cross, He gave Himself. He always did the Fatherís will. Heís asking us, today, to help in the act of redemption, to help the souls that are suffering, to sacrifice, to offer every act that we do as a sacrifice to help save souls.
  2. I see the Body of Jesus humped over, withered, so frail, and so weak. This is the Almighty God - all powerful and almighty. It is God. Jesus: I am the Almighty God. Messenger: We see Jesus in this state hanging from the cross. At any moment, He could have come down from the cross, but Jesus gave Himself that we would be saved. He lives in us this day. He acts in us this day. As we become one in Him, He operates through us this day. He loves through us this day. He gives to others through us this day. He shows us that the road is a road that is filled with suffering and trials, but He shows us the resurrection.
  3. Messenger: Do we know what it is to be wrapped with the divine embrace of the Almighty God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?
  4. For all eternity we will be wrapped by this embrace. We will be completely satisfied, and our hearts will be at rest. He asks us, this day, to serve Him, to love Him, to give ourselves to Him. He shows us how He loves us. He gave Himself as a Sacrifice on the cross for us.
  5. Song: O burning Heart, O love divine...
  6. The Almighty God loves us so much that He came into this world a little baby, and He gave Himself as a Sacrifice on the cross. Jesus remains with us this day in His divinity and humanity, truly present in the Holy Eucharist, and our eyes behold the Consecrated Host.
  7. Song: Come unto Me all who weary...
  8. Jesus no longer walks the earth, but He lives in this world today. He lives in our hearts. He is asking us to be one with Him that He can operate through us and touch the souls of His beloved ones today.
  9. We see Mary hold the little Child in her arms, and we see Mary hold the lifeless Body of Jesus in her arms under the cross. Jesus complied to the will of His Father. He is asking us this day to do the Fatherís will, to help in His plan, to help save souls. We do not realize how important all of our actions are in this plan of the Father to help save souls.
  10. Jesus gave Himself on the cross, and He asks us to give ourselves to Him as a sacrifice. When we give ourselves in love to Jesus, we will unite in such love with the Almighty God. Message: We cannot say "no" to Jesus, that this is too hard. For all eternity many souls will be lost. What we do is so important. I hear Jesus call out, "Bring Me souls! Bring Me souls!" God is asking us to carry our cross as He carried His cross, for what we do is so important to His precious souls.

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