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AUGUST 24, 1995

The Agony in the Garden

  1. Messenger: This is a special time for you to be alone with Jesus.
  2. Put yourself in the garden with Jesus as He kneels and He sees before Him all of the sufferings that are about to happen.
  3. How would you feel if you knew all of the sufferings that Jesus suffered and that you were the one that was about to go through all of these sufferings?
  4. Jesus: My dear sweet one, I would have withstood more suffering, for I love you so dearly. Let go and come to My Heart. Let Me fill your heart with My love. I am with you at every second as you breathe. I am in your heart.
  5. Messenger: How wounded was Jesusí Heart! He knew all the sins of all men from all times
  6. He knew all of the men alive this day that are neglecting Him and treating Him with such disrespect, and His Heart suffered so, for He loved each and every soul. To His death He loved each and every soul!
  7. Jesus: The pains of the heart are the deepest pains, My dear ones. You know when you have been treated coldly and cruelly by someone you love. My Heart was in such anguish for My beloved ones that would treat Me with such rejection; such hatred!
  8. Messenger: So tenderly Jesus loves us. He waits in the tabernacle for us to come and to be with Him. He is the Almighty God. He has all the power! Our every breath depends on Him. He loves us so much and He gives us our free will. He wants us to love Him freely with our whole hearts, our whole souls and our whole beings.
  9. Many men in the world today have turned cold in their hearts. They do not even think about love, and love of God. Jesus is the same Jesus that hung on the cross for three hours to His death. He is waiting and longing for the love of each and every soul. How dearly He loves the youth of this world.
  10. It is hard in this world today, for this world has turned their backs on the Almighty God. It is hard to be in this world and to see all the hatred and the anger, but Jesus remains in the Holy Eucharist with His gentle and loving Heart waiting for us to come to lay our heads on His chest and be so close to Him.
    Song: A Song from Jesus - (to be sung after each decade)

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Messenger: See Jesus. He is tied to the pillar and He stands waiting for men that will beat Him and tear His flesh.
  2. In His divine knowing, He knew all things. He knew every blow that He would receive and in greatest love for us He accepted all of the sufferings.
  3. They tied the Almighty God to the pillar.
  4. Jesus: Many times you suffer all through the day with little crosses that you are asked to bear. You could relieve yourself and do something that would make the cross go away for a short time. But I give you crosses to help you grow closer to Me. I ask you to accept your crosses and come and pray to Me, and tell Me of all the struggles that you are going through.
  5. Do you know how tenderly I love you, My beloved youth, and I am waiting and longing for you to come and talk to Me.
  6. Messenger: Many in this world today do not believe in God. You must be strong and know that He is truly here, and that He is waiting and that He is the Almighty God and He will help you when you are having trouble.
  7. Jesus: To look at the television and those around you and to see that many do not pray, may make you feel that you should not pray. I am here this day and I am the Almighty God, waiting and longing for you to come and to talk to Me, to talk over all your problems with Me. I will listen and I will help you.
  8. Messenger: I see the Body of Jesus covered with wounds and Blood. Do you see His Body? Do you see the love that He has for us?
  9. Jesus: Many are called, but few are chosen. You have been chosen by Me to go into the world and to shed the light among the youth. Come to Me and I will give you the strength that you need to carry out this mission. I am Jesus! You are My soldiers going into battle, into a world that is hurting.
  10. Bring the youth of this world to Me!

The Crowning of Thorns

  1. Messenger: Think of how it is when you have a splinter in your finger. See Jesus with His head crowned with piercing thorns.
  2. Jesus: My little loved ones, I am alive and I am with you this day. I am in this room. I remained with you out of greatest love. When you receive Me in Holy Communion, I am so close to you. These are special moments during which you come to Me and I give Myself to you.
  3. I come to you and I want to be so close to you. I remain with you in greatest love for you, My special, special youth of this world, how I love you!!
  4. Messenger: They spit on Jesus. They hollered at Jesus. They mocked Him as king and He was the King of all kings; the Almighty God!
  5. Jesus: I gave My all for love of you. I spread My arms on the cross, and I gave My life. This is the love that I have for you!
  6. Do not fear. I am forever with you, guarding you and watching you and living in your heart. You are never alone.
  7. Your only fear is to lose My life of grace through serious sin.
  8. You think that I do not watch you and care for you? You do not know how tenderly I love you. You think many times you are not loved. I love you with the deepest, deepest love. Listen to the message that I deliver to you and take it to your heart, for I LOVE YOU! You personally! I would have died for you, JUST YOU! My dear one, I love you so much!
  9. Messenger: He withstood all of this treatment, and He is still with us this day, truly present in the Tabernacle, waiting for us to come and to tell Him how we love Him.
  10. Jesus: You will be treated coldly by many in this world. I am not of the world. Many in the world are rejecting Me this day. You must come to Me and I will give you strength.

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. Jesus: I give to you little crosses that you carry this day. I ask you to carry your crosses, for it is in those crosses that I give you more and more My abundant life.
  2. How tenderly I watch you. I know all of the struggles in your heart, far more than you yourself know. I am with you and I am guarding you. Know that I am forever with you.
  3. When you are afraid, when you feel that you have been mistreated; go to a quiet place and be alone with Me. At every moment I am alive inside of your heart waiting to talk to you.
  4. Where I am, so is the Father and the Holy Spirit. Within your heart dwells the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Almighty God, the all-powerful God, inside of you. Do not sin. Keep your souls white and pure, and We remain in you in a special way.
  5. No matter what the world does, keep your souls pure.
  6. Tenderly and sweetly I watch your every move.
  7. Do you think, that I would come to this earth, the Almighty God, and go through all this suffering and give My life for you and abandon you this day?
  8. This is a secret for you, My sweet youth in America. Come to My Heart and I will protect you and give you strength. Many today do not know this secret. I am telling you so that you will tell others so all will know that I am truly present and alive.
  9. Messenger: Forever by His side, His beloved Mother walked by her Son through the Passion. She walks with us on our path toward heaven. She never leaves our side, more loving than any earthly mother. She loves us with the deepest, personal love.
  10. Mary: My little children in the Shepherds of Christ Movement, how tenderly I guard you and protect you with my mantle. Do not fear! Keep your souls holy. Keep your hearts pure. Come to my Heart and I will cradle you and hold you.

Jesus Dies on the Cross

  1. Jesus: This is the time of many trials. Look at the crucifix, My dear young children. Look at the crucifix. This is the love that I have for you.
  2. Hail Mary...
  3. Messenger: See the hands of Jesus and look at your hands. Think of someone pounding sharp big nails into your hands, sharp big nails into your feet. Nails that go all the way through your hands to a piece of wood behind.
  4. Jesus wants us to think about His Passion and death, for it is there that we realize how much He really loves us.
  5. Jesus: When you are faced with difficulties, My sweet ones, look at Me hanging on the cross. Look at Me with My arms spread open. I am saying to you: I love you! I love you! I love you!
  6. I gave My all for love of you. As I give Myself to you this day in the Holy Eucharist, I come into your heart and unite closer than any human person can unite to you. During those special moments after Communion, I tell you in your heart all kinds of things about God. Cherish those moments. Remain with Me and let Me imprint on your heart My deep, deep love for you.
  7. I am closest to you at the moment that you receive the Holy Eucharist, and I remain with you in My Eucharistic presence for twenty minutes afterwards.
  8. Stay and pray to Me.
  9. I remain intensely united to you for twenty minutes. Stay and pray.
  10. Do not run from the church after Mass. I am giving to you Myself. The Almighty God comes to you. I give Myself to you in the Eucharist.

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