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MAY 15, 2000

Agony in the Garden.

  1. Messenger: Blood shed by His precious pores, purify us.
  2. Agony from the Heart of Christ, free us from distress.
  3. Oh suffering Heart of Jesus in the garden, have mercy on us, we are sorry for our sins.
  4. Blood that touched the ground, touch our hearts and make us pure.
  5. Eyes of Jesus that see our prideful ways, free us.
  6. Free our jealous hearts that cause conflict and pain for others.
  7. Open our eyes with Your Blood. Let us see Your Blood stained eyes.
  8. Blood stained flesh of Christ, free us.
  9. Beating Heart of Christ, free us.
  10. Honorable Jesus, let us see our sins and grant us the grace to pray for forgiveness.

Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Messenger: See the bloody beaten Body of Jesus.
  2. See the torn flesh.
  3. Know the purity of all His actions.
  4. Know His boundless love.
  5. See Him held tied to a pillar for our sins.
  6. Ask for grace to be pure in heart.
  7. Ask for grace to be free from sins of addiction.
  8. Ask for grace to be free from our pillars that added to His brutal beatings.
  9. Ask for grace to see what we must do to be more like Him.
  10. Sing Song: Teach Me to Love with Your Heart.

Crowning of Jesus

  1. Messenger: Jesus was whipped and beaten.
  2. They wove a crown of piercing thorns and pounded them into His precious head.
  3. See all the sins committed in the minds of men.
  4. Think about the thoughts that lead to sin.
  5. Think of the jealous hearts, think of hate-filled minds.
  6. Think of the sins of the tongue.
  7. Think of the sins of the mind.
  8. Think of the sins of lust, anger, murder, hatred, jealousy.
  9. Look at the pure beauty of the Easter lily.
  10. Look at the beauty of a rose petal and yet the stem is covered with thorns.

Carrying of the Cross

Speaking of Jesus:

  1. Messenger: He carried the sins of jealousy, anger, lust, sins of the flesh, greed, slothfulness on His back.
  2. He fell under the weight of the cross.
  3. He fell 3 times.
  4. He bled.
  5. As He carried the cross the open wounds filled with fresh Blood.
  6. He bled, He gave all His Blood.
  7. He gives us His Blood today to drink.
  8. He gives us His Body to eat.
  9. He comes to set us free.
  10. He wants us pure in our hearts. He wants us to purely love each other, to operate in purity.


  1. Messenger: Fill us with Your grace.
  2. Help us to be thankful for all You did for us.
  3. Help us to have an attitude of gratitude.
  4. Help us to admit our shortcomings.
  5. Help us to be humble.
  6. Help us to forgive others.
  7. Help us to love with pure hearts.
  8. Help us to realize more the treasures found in the pierced Heart of Jesus.
  9. Help us to be shepherds of Christ.
  10. Help us to have strength to offer up our sufferings as a sacrifice for our offenses and the offenses of the human race against God.

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