Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

February 11, 2002

February 12th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 4 Period I.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for February 12th Joyful.


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                        Adoration in China with Mass at 12:00
                            on February 12, 2002.

                        Adoration will go until 1:00 on Friday
                            praying fervently for the priests, the
                            Church and the world.



                        The prayers and the rosary will be held at
                            12:00 on Wednesday and the church will
                            be full at that time with apostles praying
                            for the priests, the Church and the world. 

                        Others will be gathered in Florida before the 
                            image where a live broadcast can be heard 
                            praying united to many others receiving a 
                            live broadcast.



                        The Priestly Newsletter Book II is
                            being printed this week and will be
                            sent to the 45,000 priests in the 
                            United States.

                        Money is needed to send the Newsletter
                            Book II to the foreign countries.
                            It will go to many, many priests and
                            bishops in 90 foreign countries.



February 11, 2002 - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Jesus speaks:    I have allowed you to suffer for the evils in
                              the world.

                          Suffering is suffering, it does not feel good.

Messenger:    I look at Jesus on the cross.
                        I received a message once, Jesus was in
                           perfect peace on the cross.

                        Jesus had joy in His Heart on the

                        He was consumed with love.
                        We can have joy in the deepest suffering.
                        Our hearts are always joyous because
                            we know God, we know it is real
                            that He loves us, we know of
                            the reward He has promised us
                            if we love and serve Him. To me
                            this gives me joy, even in the
                            deepest suffering to know that
                            this is real.

                        I am joyous that He lives in me.

                        I am joyous the Father, Son and
                            Holy Spirit dwell in me when
                            I am in the state of grace.

                        All it takes is one look at Jesus on the




February 11, 2002 message continues

Messenger:         to realize
                            that Jesus suffered so much
                            for love of us and the Father
                            allowed Him to suffer.

                        Our mission is to help save souls.
                        So much grace can be released when
                            we suffer.
                        I want that completeness in Him.
                        I want to be filled with His life.
                        I want those states He has taken
                            me into, when I exist so deeply
                            in Him and when I am filled
                            with a special grace.

                        I feel I am in a desertland many times.
                        I long for the Mass and those
                            moments when He outpours
                            His grace and I exist so deeply
                            in Him.

                        Sometimes it can feel like "a sort of hell" when
                            He allows me to want Him so much
                            and I am not able to go to
                            the tabernacle or the Mass at that
                            time. Sometimes He just lets me want
                            Him so much and I am not given special
                            consolations I am given other
                            times. It is suffering to me.

                        He can allow us to suffer this hungering
                            for Him, only to give us an outpouring
                            of His grace later or let us
                            feel a special presence at Mass.

                        We are on a journey and the world is
                            full of allurements and pills
                            and caffeine and alcohol and
                            sex and chocolates and all
                            the things that could alleviate
                            the pain for a moment, we may
                            think - but in the end, God
                            is going to allow us to suffer,
                            many times to help release grace for
                            ourselves, sometimes to help
                            bring down grace for others,
                            and to help us grow in
                            greater perfection.

Jesus speaks:    I hung on the cross for three agonizing
                               hours, My thoughts were of you. I
                               endured the suffering.

                            When you are confronted with suffering
                                and great pain in your heart
                                do you have to take something
                                to alleviate the pain?

                            The Priestly Newsletter Book II is soon
                                to go out to the priests, I ask you
                                to offer up the pains you may
                                feel of rejections and suffering
                                of little discomforts for the souls.

                            Oh My child, I give you these opportunities to
                                grow in greater holiness and to have
                                greater trust in Me and you throw
                                them back in My face.

                            Suffering is suffering.

                            I allow you to experience the suffering of
                                knowing the evils in the world and
                                the souls that are suffering.
                                You suffer for I allow you to suffer.



February 11, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:        What are you attached to?

                           Do you reach for relief as soon as you feel
                                discomfort or frustration.

                            The job I give you calls for discipline.
                            I give you food for you to enjoy and to help
                                to build strong bodies, you cannot
                                abuse your body because you are
                                afraid or do not feel good.

                            You must find balance.
                            Satan will tell you, you shouldn't
                                enjoy this and the other.
                            You must ask for grace to eat properly
                                and enjoy the gifts given from
                                God, but not to abuse things.

                            Temperance is a virtue.
                            You must pray for this virtue.

                            Pray for the virtues of faith, hope and

                            Pray to God to help you be holy.

                            Pray the morning offering.

                            I want to tell you I allow you to suffer.
                            Some days you may feel such an agony
                                inside because of the evils in the

                            Some day you may want a deeper union with

                            Some days you may suffer past hurts and
                                suffering from your loved ones who
                                have passed on.

                            You have to know I allow you to suffer,
                                enduring suffering can help to bring
                                down great grace.

                            You have to know that you must be temperate.
                                Some foods may produce effects that
                                you want to continue to eat them.
                                You must pray for temperance.

                            Sometimes you feel a sudden energy before
                                bed and then stay up too late.
                            You must take care of your body.
                            You please your Father when you take
                                care of yourself.
                            God is almighty - you have a body.
                                A lot of people can over
                                indulge because of fear, wanting

                            You must do things in moderation.

                            Are you being controlled by something outside?

                            What do you think your heavenly Father
                                would want you to do.

                            Some people are extremists they carry things
                                too far one way or the other.

                            A big thing that throws people off is not
                                getting the proper rest.

                            If I write this here, some others may sleep
                                too much.

                            Some may over indulge whenever they are
                                frustrated instead of enduring the

                            In lent I want you to walk the bitter passion
                                with Me.

                            I want you to try to do all things according
                                to God's will, enduring many little
                                irritations in love and trusting in
                                Me, more and more.

                            Here is a Blue Book Message on trust.



Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Don't Ever Close Your Heart

God's Blue Book I Cover

Excerpt from November 2, 1993 - 4:00a.m.

Jesus speaks: ...Just be open to all I send you and cast your doubts away. It is your act of trusting that helps you develop trust in Me. Step-by-step you ascend the stairs and you get closer each time to trusting more in Me. It is your taking each little step that counts. Ascend My steps each day, every day. A million times a day you can trust or worry. You choose, "Do I trust or not trust?" How could you not trust after all I did to prove My love for you? Focus on My passion, on My wounds, on My love, on Me, the one, true God, Who loves you this much! You are precious to Me, My little baby. Come and let Me comfort you. Lose yourself in My arms....

end of excerpt from November 2, 1993 message



February 11, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:        Your life each day may be a little series of
                                trials, putting up with the every day
                                demands and aggravations. Try to be
                                patient and loving and work through

                            Pray for greater peace.

                            Listen to a little soft music that makes you happy.

                            Sing a song, open up your throat and let the notes
                                fill your heart.

                            Take a walk or exercise in your homes.

                            Do not over indulge in uppers or downers,
                                sweets or junk food, just to comfort
                                yourself continually.

                            Pray for healing for yourselves.

                            Realize that you are sinners and tell God you
                                are sorry for all your past sins.

                            See yourself as a little baby in Mary's arms.


Our Lady of China

February 11, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:        You need the spiritual guidance of your
                                heavenly mother.

                            You will make mistakes sometimes, forgive
                                yourselves, you are not perfect.

                            Tell God you are sorry for your sins.

                            When you are suffering, turn to God, ask
                                for grace.

                            Use the Blue Book letters I have given you,
                                live by them.

                            Read the scripture, listen to a tape of the
                                New Testament for a few moments
                                every day.

                            I tell you how to live in the scriptures.

                            Do not be afraid, I am with you.

                            I want you to be My light in this dark

                            I want to shower you with My grace,
                                ask for help.

                            Live to love. Be patient and loving.
                                Where are you going in your huffy little
                                voice, anyway?

                            Pray for a heart of love.

                            Come and dwell in My Heart and My Mother's Heart.

                            See yourself as a little child of the Father.

                            Talk to Me and to your Father and pray
                                for great insight and love on fire
                                from the Holy Spirit.

                            (He said to pray the red Prayer Manual Prayers)



February 11, 2002 message continues

Jesus speaks:        I want to live and dwell in you and
                                operate from you.

                            Make room for Me in your heart.

                            I am God that powers you and loves you.

                            Rely on My Might.



Excerpt from February 18, 2001

Jesus speaks:  Walls, there can be walls created in all different ways.

I want oneness. I open My Heart to all and I ask you
     to come in.

I want My picture painted in My words that it will
     be like an open door in which men will come in 
     to rest.

(Messenger: He wants His written word to be as a
picture painted that will lead men into deep intimacy 
in His Heart.)

Messenger:  On the 5th of February, I went through a deep experience
                          into insight into the hidden mysteries. I write as 
                          a "mystic" one who shares deep insight into the
                          hidden mysteries of God.
                     He implants on my soul in these experiences of 
                         deep intimacy insights into the hidden mysteries.
                      I cry out from the depth of my soul as I experience
                          Him in a deeper, deeper union.
                      It is a tremendous promise Our Lord made to Fr. Carter
                          in the 13th promise.



13th Promise

Jesus speaks: "I am calling many to become members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. To all of them I will give great blessings. I will use them as instruments to help bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the reign of My Sacred Heart. I will give great graces to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates. I will call them to be deeply united to My Heart and to Mary's Heart as I lead them ever closer to My Father in the Holy Spirit."

- July 31, 1994


February 18, 2001 message continues

Messenger:  He promised to take us into a deeper love union in            
                        His Heart and the heart of His Mother.
                   There has been such discussion of periods and commas                
                        I see them as distractions as I write about
                        my mystical insights.    

                   With every writing Christ has promised ever since the
                        first Blue Book to open the door of His Heart
                        and reveal insights not given to the greatest        

                    I want to talk about some pictures
                         I saw in a book.
                    One picture had low furniture in the center 
                         of the room and the door opening
                         to the room was very big and all the people
                         were seated close to each other on one couch.

                     I received some of the books from Father Carter's
                    I would talk to Fr. Carter in the beginning
                         when he first began directing me and he
                         would say one word or a short
                         sentence and a whole mass of information
                         Jesus gave me would come into play.

                    Our Lord spoke through him sometimes with one word           
                         and a big door would open in which I understood
                         a whole mass of knowledge God had given me.

                    I wrote freely to him of my mystical insights and in my
                         greatest sufferings I would write of the blindness
                         that men just did not understand how it
                         truly was with God and I could not make anyone
                         understand the knowledge Jesus and Mary,
                         Father, and Holy Spirit had implanted on
                         my soul in these deep intimacies with Them.

                   When Mary appeared daily, I understood with such
                         depth her emotion and her desire to reach
                         her children, her little lost children, her desire
                         to get the rosary in the hands of her children,
                         the great gifts given from God in His grace to
                         open our closed hearts if we would only listen
                         to Him, but I could not do more than I was doing.
                         My pain was interior, my depth of understanding
                         I could not reveal of how He really is.

                    It is depth, it is insight into the hidden mysteries,
                         it is knowledge implanted on the soul: It is
                         ineffable as Father Carter would say
                         and it was.

                  But with the cross comes the resurrection.

                 With the suffering when we endure it according to
                        God's will comes greater life in Him and I 
                        write now as a "mystic" for I feel the depth of
                        understanding into the hidden mysteries He has
                        given to me is so far beyond this paper and pen
                        and yet it burns in my heart to write more and more
                        and to try to describe it.

                When a man is very blind, he does not see.
                       St. Paul did not see when he was persecuting the

                The vision I see and that given to Father Carter is
                      one in which there will be this great era
                      of oneness and peace.
                      One in which men will live in such love and
                      harmony with each other, helping each other
                      and living according to God's will.

              When we do not see, we do not see. It is the grace that
                      He gives that brings us into the light, but if
                      we fail to even recognize Him as Master
                      why should He give us such lights.   

              It is our prayers that men be led into the light
                     that helps bring down great grace so man     
                     will see as it says in the scriptures
                     "with the light of seven suns."

                Our Lord has given us these Shepherds of Christ prayers in the
                        prayer manual to help bring this about.
                He has promised great graces to those who pray them
                        to take them into His Heart.
                He has attached the graces to these prayers.

                In seeing Lucia's vision and the prayers
                        He has given to unite us more fully all day to 
                        the Mass in the morning offering, I see how
                        great grace will be released from Him
                        to help the children see what He wants them to 

                The insights into the hidden mysteries only comes when
                        He is acting on our souls with His grace. The
                        writings here He has given to help the soul
                        to know more about the mystery of God,
                        but it is with His writings and the grace granted
                        that a soul comprehends more and more insight
                        into the depth of the hidden mysteries.

                Mary wants us to pray the Rosary and meditate on  
                        the MYSTERIES. It makes perfect sense that
                        the Holy Spirit would work with Mary given the
                        greatest insights into the mysteries we meditate
                        on in the rosary.

                Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries, God is the ultimate
                        mystery, other and transcendent unless
                        He so chooses to reveal Himself to us.

                He reveals Himself to the merest children.
                Our hearts must be soft and supple ready
                        to accept God's lead.
                He is the initiator.
                He is the bridegroom.
                We are the bride.

                He usually would not reveal Himself to one who
                        is filled with anger and hatred.

                We must strive to create an atmosphere in which
                        the Divine Lover can act on our soul.

                Knowledge of God may be expressed in words,
                        but the depth comes from being united
                        to Him, it is far beyond a few words,
                        but the words are so powerful they
                        can bring us to deep joy or suffering,
                        tears of joy and jubilation, tears of
                        suffering and pain.

                God is other and transcendent.
                 He reveals Himself to us through His heavenly

                Jesus began His Blue Books with trying to create a
                        most intimate union between Him and 
                        the souls through Love Letters He wrote,
                        revealing to the soul the gifts given to 
                        them in the Holy Eucharist.

                God is infinite, He is beyond a few simple words.
                        The more I know the Father, I could write volumes
                        of what is it to know and love Him, but the
                        depth of my knowledge is in my soul, 
                        in my heart, I cannot touch it, but
                        I feel it in my heart, I cannot see it, but
                        I envision Him and know Him, I cannot
                        put the relationship I have in words.

                How do we put the relationship between us and the Person
                        of the Trinity in words?
                How does a mother put into words the love of her son?
                How does a husband put into words the love of his wife?
                How do I write to you about insights into the Divine Mysteries?
                How do I write about relationship with the
                        Divine God?
                And yet Jesus has written these love letters
                        and writings to give great insight
                        into the Divine Mysteries.

                I just want to be there, in the mystical experience and
                        yet when I received the Mass Book, He took me to 
                        the heights, then said "Now write about it, 
                        it is the gift I give the world."

                And He took me to the highest mountain and when
                        I felt I could not physically move to write
                        to you, He took the pen in my hand and 
                        wrote through my hand with such grace it felt as if the
                        pen danced across the paper.

                Oh my, if we could open our eyes and drop the
                        scales from them.
                If we could even see the walls that we create.

                I want to describe what I saw January 20, 1996
                        when He revealed the oneness at Mass.
                        I saw stiff-necked people, all disconnected, 
                        like straight pillars and tears filled me for I experienced
                        the fire of His love deep within my heart and what
                        He wanted at the Mass and I can still cry today 
                        from it.

                I know "stiff-necked". I know oneness.

      Now look at the sky scrapers of New York City
so tall and straight.

                Now look at the soft, low couch of the living
                        room, all are gathered on one couch
                        sitting together.

                Our mission is oneness.
                I was explaining the ecstasy I received February 5, 2001
                        the day I received these pictures at the
                        rosary in Florida. 

February 5, 2001

February 5, 2001
(See Jesus' face - bottom left panels)

February 18, 2001 message continues

Messenger:  I have tremendous help in putting out this message
                        to you.

                Our Lord said several months ago He would paint
                        a picture with the message.
                 I was given insight into the importance of the
                        presentation on the page and how He desired
                        to move the hearts to love and understanding.

                 He gave great grace to those putting on the message
                        and helping to type and put it together
                        so we can paint the picture He wishes
                        to give.

                He speaks to me, but so much is given that is not
                        in words.

                Every message is the opening of a door into the
                        Heart of Christ.
                He tells us about Himself and what He wants.
                He gives us insights into our struggles,
                        how Satan works in our lives, about
                        our own imperfections.

                I ask you to think of walls.
                Since we bought the Virgin Mary building we can 
                remove all the cubicals inside. (We have a big
                loan on the building, but we have the loan so we are grateful)

                Steve and Sheila spent two weeks in Florida removing
                        the cubicals so we can have a bigger prayer
                        area and a bigger area for instruction.

                Now we can pray in a large group behind Mary's
                        image as Jesus and Mary want.

                It is a big open area.

                Think of men with leather furniture and cubicals,
                        adding machines, computers, hard disks,
                        walls for each man to be separate.

                Think of an open area, with 
                        a place to worship behind Mary's image.



February 18, 2001 message continues

Messenger:   Think about walls.
                     Think of how we open ourselves up.
                     Think of how we put walls around ourselves.
                     Think of how someone opens a door with a gentle
                        loving remark and another closes the door
                        in their face, by their response.
                     Some people were never permitted to mix in the 
                        family because of alcoholism and they felt
                        only safe when they were by themselves.

                     Today they create walls all around them every
                        place they go because they feel
                        unsafe around people.

                     The 80 year old man can still be building his
                        wall so he can isolate and be safe.
                This is not to say that we are never to be alone or
                        that we need periods of silence to connect
                        and be with God.

             I continue.
                A person can begin a fight in a car because
                        they do not feel comfortable in a small
                        space with others in an intimate way.
                Another person may come back with a remark
                        that makes them tower over the other or a 
                        remark that is nasty to end the communication
                        and conversation.

                Think of the picture of the open door.

                A person can come and close the door in another's face.

                Envision two pictures.

                See one picture with tall buildings,
                         another picture with low couches, and
                         a big beautiful door to get in.

                My job is to deliver messages about oneness.

                Since we have prayed the prayers, the
                        Shepherds of Christ Prayers, Jesus
                        says He has granted great graces
                        to lead the Church and the world
                        into oneness.

                Jesus says He has answered our prayers.

                He gives these prayers the Shepherd of Christ Prayer Manual
                        to help bring about the Reign of 
                        His Sacred Heart.

                If He so chooses to give great graces
                        for recitation of these prayers
                        do you see how it could help
                        to change the face of the earth if 
                        we get them in the hands of 75,000
                        priests; many who love Father Carter
                        and the Sacred Heart and believe
                        in Father Carter as a spiritual 
                        father to them.

                So much money is needed to answer the
                        call of the priests that will very 
                        shortly get the Newsletter with 
                        the Prayer Manual.

                Prayer Manuals are about 10 cents a piece, maybe
                        a little more.

                Do you want to help to change the face of the
                        Please help us print this Priestly
                        Newsletter and Prayer Manuals to
                        begin prayer chapters praying
                        for the priests, the Church and the world.

                Think of 75,000 priests getting the
                        prayer manual and many beginning
                        prayer chapters in churches.

                Jesus promised to turn the churches
                        into little cities of light.

                Every time Jesus gives a writing He opens the
                        door of His Heart.

                Pray for all of us on the Internet team
                        to be able to paint the picture
                        of the gift He wants to give
                        daily to you.

                All are willing, your prayers will help us.
                Think about walls and how we create walls.
                Ask for the grace to help lead the world into oneness.
                Ask for grace to help us to have better relationships modeled
                        after the Trinity.

                The Trinity is the most perfect community.

                Jesus help us to open the door of our hearts to you.

                Jesus help us to open up the door of our hearts
                        to each other and to grow in love
                        and oneness according to the
                        Father's will.

                I must say one more thing about the message.
                On that day February 5, 2001 I was still doing
                        the message at 1:30 on February 6, 2001
                        when I saw lots of punctuation
                        and capitals added.

                To me Mary opened a door and I heard her sweet
                        gentle voice speak.

                She wants us on the Internet to open the door to her

            Lots of tall buildings in one area are not conducive to

                A soft chair with low backs, or a couch help to create intimacy.

                When you read His word there should not
                        be any more capitalization or commas,
                        quotes etc. than are necessary.

                Mary opens a door into the depth of her
                        Motherly heart and she speaks.

                She wants an intimate union
                        with the other. She wants
                        connection in the heart.
                She doesn't want a text book

                We pray that you will read the books
                        and your hearts will experience
                        deep intimacy with 
                        Jesus and Mary.
                That you will have a deep connection
                        with Them in your heart.

                Oneness, there are so many things we say and
                        do that create blocks and walls, in the
                        end we need to work together to promote His
                        kingdom, do His will and learn to be
                        more perfected in our ways of loving, so for
                        all eternity we can enjoy a deeper love
                        union with God because we truly
                        matured in our loving relationships 
                        with Him and others here below.

                We are here to love. We are here to grow
                        in our ways of loving. 

end of excerpt from February 18, 2001




February 7, 2002


To whom it may concern,

    We circulate the Priestly Newsletter that goes to 75,000 priests in the world. This has been circulated since 1994 at the direction of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. who had a doctorate in Theology and taught at Xavier University for over thirty years and author of eighteen books on the spiritual life and many other various publications.

    Our primary purpose is to circulate this Newsletter. We are now sending three years of Newsletters in a book of 342 pages to 75,000 priests in the United States and 90 foreign countries. A special Newsletter is enclosed with Father Carter's powerful writing on Grace (2001 issue 1). This writing is also available on tape and on disc.

    Our coequal purpose is to circulate prayer manuals Father Carter compiled for prayer chapters praying for the priests, the Church and
the world.

    All of our printing and postage costs so much money.

    We operate from the Virgin Mary building in Clearwater, Florida, pictures are enclosed. We use the building to spread materials and rosaries
to encourage people to pray for the priests, the Church and the world.

    We also have a church we received from the diocese in China, Indiana where we distribute our materials and pray before the Blessed Sacrament hourly and about two hours or more at 6:20 every day. Monthly adoration before the exposed Eucharist is held for our members for 48 hours on the 12th of each month to the 14th.

    We have a third center in Morrow, Ohio which is our communication center and mailing address.

    We circulate rosaries handmade to Catholic schools all over the United States and meditation sheets and consecration cards. We try to send scapulars too when we have them. We supply many beads to our rosary makers for this.

    We had difficulty all last summer securing funds for beads for our rosary makers. We were not able to send the 100,000 or more rosaries we usually send in October and May because of funds.

    We need $10,000 every month for the loan on the Virgin Mary building. We pray nightly there usually for about two hours or more at 6:20. We pray all through the day there, hourly, many times before the image. A big prayer meeting is held on the 5th of the month. Prayers are prayed for about 4 hours for the priests, the Church and the world. We broadcast to at least 8 states and all join in the prayers, including Morrow and China.

    We have a nursing home ministry and a prison ministry. We supply coloring books of the rosary mysteries and the Mass to children.

    We desperately need funds for the printing and the rosary making operation and all the postage. Bishops from foreign countries beg for rosaries and prayer sheets with the Shepherds of Christ Prayers.

    Now we are struggling with the monthly rent on the building and the postage for the foreign mailing of the Priestly Newsletter Book II.

    We always need money for the rosary beads for the schools and the Virgin Mary building.

    We also do a Holy Spirit Novena, but the little book has been out of print for some time because of lack of funds. Teachers like to use it for confirmation. We have prayer chapters using it daily all over the world.

    We want to circulate pictures of the crucifix and Mary's image on the building, we are unable to do this because of lack of funds. Enclosed are pictures of the crucifix and the Virgin Mary building.

    A very important part of our Movement is trying to get people to say the Morning Offering. Here is a card we distribute extensively, especially to Nursing Homes and school children.


    Here is a short form of consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary that we circulate extensively.


    Can you help us. It is a real shame to not even have rent on the building Mary appears on.

    We need to tell the world about the Mass. This is another important aspect of our ministry. We have so many writings about the Mass. Mass Book I with the Imprimaturóand all Fr. Carter's writings and many other writings discerned by Fr Carter before his death. 

    It is a shame with all the money in the world not to be able to get the rosary beads to the rosary makers for school children who want them to pray the rosary.

    Our movement is trying to do what Our Lady told us to do at Fatima for peace in the world.

    Can you help us?

                            Rita Ring
                            Shepherds of Christ Ministries





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